JULY 15, 2013

2013 Scholarship Award – Scott Hill Award


July, 2013, For immediate release:

The BCIHA is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2013 BCIHA Scholarship. As was the case last year, the BCIHA decided to award two $500 scholarships for the 2013 season.

Jerome Williams, from Eagleridge, was the recipient of the Scott Hill Scholarship award and Christopher French, from North Shore Inline Hockey League was the recipent of a BCIHA Scholarship.

This represents the 11th time that the BCIHA has recognized the accomplishments of its member players through the Scholarship.

Jerome is extremely bright and hardworking honor roll student achieving a 96% average. He excels in all areas of study but his main interests lie in Sciences. Jerome was one of two Valedictorians in his graduating class. As well as being a great student, Jerome is also a great athlete participating in many different sports – obviously including Inline Hockey where he was a player, time keeper, and referee.

Jerome will be able to use the scholarship money to assist in his post secondary education where he plans to study Sciences focusing on Genetics and Evolutionary Biology.

Christopher is also a very bright and hardworking “A” student. In addition he is musically inclined and is a member of his school Jazz Band. He is active in several different sports including Inline Hockey where over the past 7 years he was a player, league volunteer, and referee. Christopher is active in his community volunteering for several very worthwhile Charitable Organizations that reach out to help under privileged children around the world.

Christopher has big plans with his post secondary education focusing on Environmental Studies, Urban Development, Environmental Design, and Architecture.

Past Winners include:

2013 – Jerome Williams (Eagleridge) & Christopher French (NSIHL)

2012 – Jesse Sidaway (Eagleridge) & Aidan Ponton (NSIHL)

2011 – Kyle Randall (NSIHL) & Christopher Johnson (NSIHL)

2010 – No Award

2009 – Joshua Randall (NSIHL)

2008 – Teri Jones (Stardust)

2007 – Kory Linden (Sportsplex)

2006 – John MacGregor (Delta Revolution)

2005 – Sean Porter (NSIHL)

2004 – Mark Silvanovich (NSIHL)

2003 – Mark Russell (NSIHL)

The BCIHA Scholarship is to reward excellence in both scholastic and roller hockey pursuits. The successful applicant is a student who has balanced his/her academic achievements with significant success as a roller hockey player and contributor to the community.

The BCIHA would like to thank all applicants for the 2013 Scotth Hill BCIHA Scholarship Award.

Congradulations Jerome and Christopher!